D.P. Milone

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A website for a chiropractor in Massachusetts. It was important to show the services available and provide visitors to the site with information about the practice as well as chiropractic care. Equally important is the site owner's interest in medical news and informing the public of new trends and medical topic.

Dr. Milone (Marblehead, MA) regularly updates his own site and aggregates content from different online sources thanks to the content management system we designed and our work with SEO (search engine optimization) in making his site accessible to search engines.

The content of the site was migrated from an older website that was outdated and provided a way for the doctor to provide regular updates. Some of the content still resides on the old site and is shown in iframe pop-ups on this site. The site has a small slide show of the facilities, a video pop-up of the doctor that also appears on YouTube, mp3s that the doctor records live and showcases on the site, and regular news stories that feed automatically to his Facebook page.

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